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We are Roslin Copeland, Ginger Hurley, Greg & Michelle Copeland.  Claimed by several Boykin Spaniels, we live and work in Hempstead/Houston, Texas.

DSCF0755We  have our own passel of Boykins who participate in and have attained numerous titles from events including hunt test, WD/WDX events, conformation, dock diving, rally, agility, therapy, weight pull and many more. We are proud “Breeders of Merit” with the AKC. We are preferred breeders with the AKC Parent Club, BSCBAA. We strive to keep the Boykin Spaniel one breed and not have two different types for hunting and a separate one for conformation. The Boykin Spaniels are very versatile dogs and should easily go from the hunting field, to the show ring, to agility, to therapy, to rally/obedience and back to the field with full function of hunting and lasting in the field without missing a beat. Roslin Copeland is a retired teacher who is now heads up the Gun Dog Training at Texas Trace. To read more about our training program click here.

Ginger_pool-0006Ginger Hurley is a Real Estate Agent, a native Texan and an Aggie Graduate. In her spare time helps with the Obedience Dog Training. Roslin & Ginger live with Texas Trace Sunnyside (Sunny), Texas Trace Destino’s Cazadora (Cazie), Hollow Creek’s Texas Trace (Trace), Texas Trace Kelley Chamizal’s Treaty (Peace), Texas Trace Chappell Hill (Faith) and Texas Trace Rio Grande (Rio) and few a more young ones. Roslin’s & Greg’s older sister and her family who live in Atlanta, GA also have own a few Boykins and presently live with Texas Trace Sadie.  Of course we are all enamored by our Boykins and we each think our special Boykin is the best and smartest dog in the world and if the truth be known, they are smarter than us.

Cami Inde Mattie TeaGreg Copeland (Roslin’s older brother) started hunting with Labs and Springer Spaniels over 40 years ago in his home state of Texas.  While a Government Relations Consultant and lobbyist living in Washington, DC (with his first wife Michelle, who is a corporate contract lawyer)  returned to God’s country and the place of his birth in the fall of 2004. He met his first Boykin Spaniel over 25 years ago on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and has been in love ever since.  Greg & Michelle live with their own Boykin family: Texas Trace Kelley, Texas Trace Camille, Texas Trace Vega, Texas Trace Hunter, Texas Trace Tyler and a few others from time to time. 

We set up Texas Trace as a kennel intently focused on improving the health of the breed, furthering it’s hunting instincts, and trying to do all the things one can do with a Boykin Spaniel – hunting, hunt test, field trial, agility, rally, obedience, therapy and conformation. 

Our original Boykin, Just-In (UWP GRCH Curlee’s Just-In) was a pup of HRCH UH Curlee Gurlee and HR UH Sydney of Woodbine which both have too many titles and winnings to list.  Just-In was one great hunter.  He was also not only a 2003 UKC TOP TEN of the Boykin Spaniel breed, he was a 2003 UKC TOP TEN TOTAL DOG – a unique title and one only three Boykins have obtained. Also, Desie, Roslin’s first boykin was one of our orginal founding boykins at Texas Trace.  Please read both stories on our Remembrance page. Since the recognition of Boykin Spaniels in the AKC, Texas Trace Boykins have been extremely busy and our Boykins have accomplished many titles -  most and first in Champions and Grand Champions.

We consider ourselves AKC Preservationist Breeders, we are purposeful breeders, only selecting sires & dams with generations of documented health test and well-adjusted temperament for hunting and family companionship. We breed only occasionally and we only do so in an effort to advance the breed, to further the hunting instincts of the breed and with a focus on improving the health of the breed.  Generally those puppies are spoken for long in advance.

We have the greatest respect for breeders who breed with a conscience.  And we commend those breeders who give back to the Boykin as much as they get -- as evidenced by their kennel, their dogs, their knowledge of the breed, the standards they advocate and adhere to, their commitment to improve the health of the breed and their preservation of the hunting instincts of the Boykin Spaniel.  While some breeders stand out in my mind, we admire each who continuously give of their tireless energy and who always show their love of the Boykin and devotion to our little brown friends and companions.  We can only hope to give back to the breed a small portion of what the Boykin have given us.

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